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Are you interested in joining CoroAllegro for a year of fantastic music making?

Now is your chance!

CoroAllegro is an auditioned chamber choir based in Wilmington, Delaware. In its over 35 year history, CoroAllegro has been committed to musical excellence with a focus on cultivating and maintaining life-long music lovers. CoroAllegro is not just an ensemble, but a community.

CoroAllegro rehearses weekly on Tuesday evenings, generally from 7 PM - 9 PM, at Concord Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. CoroAllegro puts on two major concerts a year, with several smaller performances available throughout the seasons. The fall season runs from September to the beginning of December and the spring season runs from mid January through the end of April. Concerts are tentatively scheduled for December 7, 2024, and May 3, 2025.

See a Tentative Calendar-At-A-Glance HERE.

Auditions for the 2023-2024 season will take place on Tuesday June 4, Tuesday June 11, and Tuesday June 18 at Concord Presbyterian Church. 


Full audition information and process is outline below. Please read and follow carefully.

If you are unable to attend these audition dates, but are interested in becoming a part of CoroAllegro, please reach out to Artistic Director, Ryan Carlin at!

Audition Information

  • Auditions will be individual time slots with Artistic Director, Ryan Carlin.

  • Auditions will be held in the Chapel at Concord Presbyterian Church (1800 Fairfax Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19803)

  • You will be led through each step of the audition and able to restart or retry any portion of the audition. We want everyone to feel at ease and set up for success in these auditions!

  • Please sign up for your audition time slot HERE.



Audition Components

  • Major Scales

    • You will be provided a starting pitch and asked to sing a Major Scale. Scales may be sung on solfege or a neutral syllable

    • Sing each scale ascending, taking a breath, repeating the top pitch, and then descending, all at a moderately slow tempo, approximately 66 BPM.

    • Below are the starting pitches you will be provided for the scales for your respective voice part.

      • Sopranos - C4 and G4

      • Altos - A3 and E4

      • Tenors - C3 and F3

      • Basses - F2 and C3

  • Aural Skills

    • Tonal Memory Passages

      • Passages of notes will be played for you on the piano and you will sing them back on a neutral syllable.

    • Chordal Singing

      • You will be played several triads on the piano. For each triad you will be asked to sing either the lowest, middle, or highest pitch from the provided the triad.

  • Part Singing

    • Please prepare your respective voice part for "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" by Peter Lutkin. This does not need to be memorized.

      • Sheet Music and Practice Files are available at the following links. These Practice Files will be the recordings used in the auditions.

        • Sheet Music can be found HERE.

        • Practice Files can be found HERE.

      • Please prepare utilizing these practice files. You will be performing your part along to these exact recordings in the audition (with your respective voice part muted and the other three playing aloud).



If you have any questions regarding CoroAllegro or the audition process/components, please do not hesitate to reach out to Artistic Director, Ryan Carlin, at

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